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Mayowa's Bio

Mayowa Okegbenle, also known as The Innovators’ Friend, is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of PressOne Africa. He is on a trajectory to becoming the #1 innovation consultant in the country.

Indeed, as an innovator, he never gets stuck on “ideas.” As an entrepreneur, every innovative product he works on hits the market running.

He has gained much experience from taking innovative products to market in the last 15 years. In addition to experience, he has gained formal training in business and has a strong understanding of every aspect of business — finance, legal, human resource, marketing, production, etc. Over the years, he amassed a wealth of knowledge on technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

“Every innovative product I have worked on has gotten to market. I never get stuck at "idea." Because of these, I am seen as relatable, knowledgeable, and authentic - I am not selling something, I am living it.”

Mayowa Okegbenle


Who is an Innovator

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